Why Are We Here?

We can help you understand your life, your dreams, ambitions and the lifestyle you live now and want to live in the future.

We believe everyone has a life style plan, which may be written down, (often it’s not!), what most people don’t have is a financial plan that matches that life style plan.

It is our job to discover your life plan, whether it is to achieve a life long ambition, experience or just to let you enjoy life with no constraints. Then formulating a financial plan is the next step to help achieve these dreams.

We will help you realise what needs to happen for you to achieve and keep the life style you aspire to. We will manage your wealth to give you the life you want and we will give you peace of mind and financial clarity.

Life Planning

Our focus is to get to know you, what your current life style is and what you want your life style to look like in the future. We also look at your priorities in life and your life’s bucket list. It’s as simple as that, no talk of your tax, pension, savings or investments, is needed at this stage. After this initial meeting we will then look at your finances and most especially analyse your income and expenditure.

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Financial Planning

We will then review your finances, forward cash flow your income, assets and liabilities, which will start to form the basis of a financial plan. This will be presented to you as a comprehensive plain English financial plan, which will also include a single page action plan.

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Financial Advice

And only if needed, we can provide financial advice and look at investment solutions, which will grow your wealth, protect your wealth or save your wealth through your family tree.

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How Can We Help?

How we can help you and, if applicable your family, is to establish what the most important things to you are, what your financial goals are and what timescales there will be.

We will analyse your current and desired lifestyle and match it against your current and possible future income, which will involve reviewing your “What if” scenarios together. We will also help you understand what ‘your number is’ and we will formulate a financial plan for you to reach or exceed this number.

We can then implement this plan together.

We also provide annual forward planning meetings, as we understand our lives are not set in stone, life and financial plans change!

We will give you financial certainty and piece of mind. We are a wholly independent firm of financial planners and advisors. The wrappers, investments and protection solutions we use will be discussed, if and at the appropriate meeting.

Who Are We?


Dairy farmer’s son, Ex Officer in the Royal Navy, former stockbroker, investment manager, financial planner, wealth manager and Regional Director of Barclays Private Bank. With a wealth of experience, Sam took the bold decision to offer life, and financial planning ahead of selling investments. This way he is certain he puts the clients first, rather than business targets or shareholders.
Can be seen on a Friday evening with a large glass of Malbec.


Animal Scientist, Upholstery Goddess, labrador and AGA lover….. Company Secretary. 
Fiona can be found keeping the team in line and on track, offering support to our clients as and when required.
Can be seen on a Friday evening with a large Gin and Tonic. 


Accountant, outdoorsie … walker, lover of traveling off the beaten track….. Mum to 4 boys!! YES 4!
Sharon (with 4 boys….) Has to be organised ….. runs the day to day operations and administration for our clients. 
Can be seen on a Friday evening with a large vodka and tonic. 

Andy – Cheshire

We have been extremely pleased with every aspect of our ongoing personalised financial planning journey with Sam and Fields Financial. Sam has a unique talent for explaining complex investment strategies in a clear and understandable manner. The professional relationship between us is comprehensive, flexible and genuinely two-way. Sam is honest and very thorough; his values and ethos are a credit to his industry. I have no hesitation in recommending Fields Financial to others.

Andy - Cheshire


07949 061 091 | sam@fieldsfinancial.co.uk